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Every potential new member (PNM) planning on going through recruitment at The University of Texas at Austin must be registered with the University Panhellenic Council (UPC) and pay the registration fee.

The link can be found online at or and will not be active until May 22nd.

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You can take Metro North home for the holidays together because you're from adjoining towns in Connecticut.

Cons: You can't avoid him because you're inevitably going to run into each other at Dorrian's. Unless you're actively on vacation with him, you're not quite sure where he is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Having experienced sorority rush and meeting the parents, I found the two experiences remarkably similar.

With sorority rush, they may know that you're from xyz town or that their friend rushed you yesterday.

For sorority rush, you are praying that you like the girls and they like you, while for meeting the parents, you pray that they like you and you like them as well.

With meeting the family, they have already heard tons about you from your significant other.

You can sign up with your local alumnae panhellenic group and ask alumnae to write recommendation letters when you are sure of the college you are attending.

You may not register with the University Panhellenic Council, however, unless you are planning to attend UT Austin in the fall. A woman is eligible to participate in recruitment and join a sorority if she is enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin and has been granted full-time student status.


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