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They ignore the fact that markets already incentivize Americans to be more energy efficient.They further disregard consumer preferences as well as the unintended consequences and energy inefficiencies that mandates and subsidies cause.But businesses do not need taxpayer dollars to improve efficiency and cut costs; they make those investments all the time with their own money.In fact, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D–NH), co-sponsor of the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, recognized as much: “By installing efficient lighting, new boilers and various demand response techniques, the [High Liner Foods seafood processing] company is making great strides in reducing energy consumption, which allows them to expand their business footprint in the state.”[1] Similarly, The Heritage Foundation installed lights with sensors in the stairwells that dim when the stairs are not in use.At the same time, a variety of govermental agencies and regulations emerged to oversee the production and testing of vaccines. A variety of court decisions have considered the validity of vaccination mandates and have attempted to address the conflict between individual rights and protection of the public’s health.Below are a variety of events associated with the establishment of vaccination mandates and the role of government agencies in monitoring vaccine production and use.

Americans Know How to Be Energy Efficient Energy-efficiency standards and investments receive support from a broad array of interests—both Democrat and Republican—including those who would receive taxpayer money for investing in the efficiency upgrades; the residential, commercial, and industrial energy supplier networks; the laborers to install efficiency upgrades; and the consumers, who are told they will save money.There are countless examples of businesses making these investments on their own.They do not need incentives or rewards for energy-saving behavior, because when the savings outweigh the costs, their reward is reduced energy bills and more competitive prices for their products.The development and growing use of smallpox vaccine in the early 1800s triggered the establishment of vaccination mandates, especially for children.Then, as the incidence of smallpox declined over time, some governments loosened requirements, while other mandates remained in place. federal goverment has had a role as well in vaccination.Businesses use benefits to attract new employees and give current employees a greater sense of job satisfaction.


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