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a print server) other than the terminal server itself.

The reason for this is that Terminal Server / CITRIX systems can be very resource hungry and leave little resources left for features such as the account selection popup, may need to make a minor system configuration change.

This appeared to work fine with one (at least so far) problem - all the following are related: Now check the Devices and Printers folder: all the missing printer icons should appear.

At some point during your Terminal Server system design you'll remember that your users will probably want to print something sooner or later.

On top of that, Windows Server 2003 uses the same printing subsystem that was designed way back in the Windows NT days.

The original architects of NT built the Windows printing engine as a single process meant to run on a single device.

However, users' printers are usually located near and configured at their client devices.

The process of getting server-generated print jobs to a client-specified printer can be complicated.


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