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Magpapasa tayo ng civil union na batas kung saan yun ang mag-go-govern ng relationship nila,” said Alvarez. We’ll pass a civil union bill, which will govern their relationship.) He said the bill will govern property rights, custodial rights over children and even adoption rights for childless couples. (Even if they’re not marries, [they’ll have the] right to inherit, right to support, and others.) Alvarez said same-sex couples will also be allowed to adopt a child under his proposed bill.

(It’s like this, we’re also going to discuss those who don’t want to get married but want to be together.

Children rely on their parents to protect them from bullies, shelter them from harm, keep them safe.

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Alvarez will file a bill that will define the rights of couples who want to live together, but are not yet ready to get married.

“Ganito, tatalakayin din natin yan yung mga taong ayaw magpakasal pero gustong magsama. ‘Di natin napoprotekatahan yung karapatan ng couple. For example, those same sex couples, they can’t have children, so they can adopt.) Alvarez also said that these civil unions can also be dissolved under his proposal.


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