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These two books explain the strategic scope of an SAP HR project as well as the technical details involved.

In order to better understand the practice of HR in the e-business era, check out e-HR: Human Resourcesin the Digital Age.

Table of contents: SAP HR/HCM planning There are many different kinds of HR software and many enterprise HR software vendors.

If you're an HR director evaluating HR software solutions, the ERP vendor SAP will probably be on your short-list of prospective vendors.

Because databases form the foundation of so many business systems, IT departments can easily lose control of the number of databases that need to be maintained, because each group may simply create their own database to solve a specific problem they may be experiencing.

Use the following sections to help you plan for the migration of objects between hierarchies.

Thus databases are one of the prime candidates for consolidation.

When consolidating database applications, consider the following three potential strategies: using a single physical machine to host multiple virtual machines (VMs) running Microsoft® SQL Server® data management software, using a single machine to host multiple SQL Server instances, and using a single instance of SQL Server to host multiple databases.

Excerpts from other SAP HR books and HCM from SAP Press books on the Search site.

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