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SE16: table T082AVIEWB FIAA_VIEW AFAPL AFABER AUTHORITY 00 TRAN ** 0 - should be 2 This correction report is called "RACORR_VIEW0_SET" and it will set field “Authority” for View 0 (legacy takeover view) from 0 to 2. This report must be implemented manually via transaction SE38, it is valid also for releases higher than 600.

Once the problem is corrected and depending on your system release and support package you should ensure that SAP note 853754 is in your system to avoid any inconsistencies of that kind in future.________________ *********************** In a few cases is has been noticed that this error is caused due to newly created or deactivated depreciation areas which are not present in both tables ANLC and ANLB.

depreciationupdating of values has errors sap-49

Please check which depreciation areas you have activated in table ANLB and ANLC and then go to table T082AVIEWB and change the authority to 2.

Chart of depreciation contains all the depreciation areas in SAP.

It enables you to manage the rule of valuation of assets. If you want it to work for your company code then it has to be assigned to your company code.

In order to resolve this error both tables ANLC and ANLB will have to match and show the same depreciation areas.

For example: Table ANLB has depreciation area XX that table ANLC does not have – this could be a depreciation area that was created with RAFABNEW.


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