Who is juelz santana dating now

Audiences are always drawn to the gritty lifestyle of drugs, police brutality and poverty that’s portrayed in rap lyrics. Many of today’s most popular rappers were born into wealth — the closest they’ve come to a police chase is watching “Cops.” But the rich have problems too, you know. Jo Jo, 25, released a diss track called “Holy Water” in response to Harlem rapper Juelz Santana’s “Soft”; when Juelz’s friend saw Jo Jo on the street, he put the brat in a headlock and forced him to call Juelz on the spot and apologize. Let’s look at the rappers who are straight outta gated communities. But after he joined The Diplomats, his popularity rose to the next level.The Diplomats's debut album Diplomatic Immunity was released on 25th of March 2003.They recorded several songs and their popularity acclaimed. After his several fabulous performances, he was offered to join an American hip hop group The Diplomats and he eventually joined them in 2001.During his late teens, he featured in the Cam'ron's album S. Though he released several mix tapes on his own, he didn't receive that much praise and acclaim on his own.

He is the de facto leader of East Coast hip hop group The Diplomats (also known as Dipset), and is a member of the duo U. In 1998, Cam'ron released his debut album Confessions of Fire on Epic, the album would achieve Gold status by the RIAA. In 2004 Cam'ron released his fourth studio album Purple Haze to critical acclaim reaching Gold status by the RIAA.

The 24-year-old former reality star has blossomed over the years because of her stunning beauty and exuberant personality.

Her vivaciousness stems from her Dominican and Salvadorian roots.

In 2005 after disbanding his record label, Diplomat Records, from Roc-A-Fella Records due to business disagreements, Cam'ron signed the label to a distribution deal with Asylum Records.

In 2006 Cam'ron released his fifth studio album, Killa Season.


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