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Thinning down my collection of old crocks meant that something had to give, so both CJM 357 (pickup) and KDL 703 (van) went to a new home in Cornwall. Thames E83W, registration CJM 357, no longer exists.

As suspected, this pickup, which has remained with its correct original number since 1955 (and I owned since the early 90s), has had the reg.

You've arrived at the only site on the 'net dedicated to the great little E83W Ford truck.

This 10cwt commercial, in many different guises, continued in production throughout the war, finally being retired in 1957, making it one of the most successful, and long-lasting, lightweight Ford commercials of all time.

It looks like a suburban setting, perhaps he'd only just bought the van, or was heading out for his first day in a new job?

Most E83W drivers wore old overalls rather than a suit! With more than a little regret I sold my last E83W in 2007.

This then introduces differing technical requirements and creates the need to have the two separate compiler versions of Php available for download. They are not technically interchangeable and may require you to install a compatible runtime library to be properly functional if you plan to install Php for Microsoft's iis server (More data regarding VC9 and Apache has been introduced in our 5.3.6 guide).

So this number does identify which version you need to download to be applicable to your server type. The readily available PHP Windows VC versions offered for download are both 32bit. If you install PHP using the installer method, the correct library files will be installed automatically for you.

For example, the Beagle Board x M and Beagle Bone do not have NAND.

The site was originally launched in 2000 and has been updated on and off ever since.

I'm no longer updating the Owners Register, but please do call by the forum (link alongside) and join up to discuss E83Ws with other owners. Although parts aren't thick on the ground for E83Ws, they do sometimes turn up for sale on e Bay from time to time.

The first question to resolve is "What is the difference between the VC6 and the VC9 downloads?

" And your answer would be of little consequence in that the VC number is just a technical reference as to which version of , the different pre-compiled HTTP Server Software for Windows (apache, iis) have been compiled using different c compilers.


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