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Who do you trust when the groupies circle, when the coach yells? Who's there for you when the sweat streams down your back, when they all want the ball, when the crowd curses at the mention of your name?Pippen had come from Chicago, where he and Michael Jordan along with Ron Harper met each morning, schedule be damned, for a workout session prior to practice.They called it ‘The Breakfast Club,’ and it was bent on staving off the effects of age." data-reactid="38"The issue, as Scottie Pippen (in a petulant bid to be traded away from Barkley’s Rockets after just one year) brought up in 2000, was Barkley’s off-court habits.A steady September rain pelted Biscayne Bay on the afternoon Chris Bosh grabbed a film crew and broadcast his plight to the world.He was angry, confused, determined."You always have to fight for the things you really want to do and the things that you love," Bosh told the camera, as part of an UNINTERRUPTED series. "The 32-year-old Bosh had just been barred from playing basketball, his chosen profession, by his employer, the Miami Heat. Though the Heat announced no details, the reasons were understood.

With the gray hair and matching beard he kind of looks – and plays – like Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” character.

Who understands growing up so rough it was nothing for someone to stick a gun down your mouth just for fun? Thing is, they can make you run drills for miles, they can blast you for not making the playoffs, they can even trade you and tear you apart.

But when you find someone you trust, "it doesn't matter," says Steve Francis. You're brothers for life."Francis is sitting in a big, beautiful section of Houston, in his big, beautiful house, the one with the thick columns and ivory-colored marble and swimming pool so sprawling it chews up most of the backyard lawn.

1 pick by the San Diego Rockets in 1968 who averaged 20.5 pts & 12.2 r per game during his 7 full seasons with the Rockets.

He is considered one of the most reliable players in franchise history and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990 - Easily the greatest player in Rockets history playing all 17 seasons with them. 1 pick, he led the team to both of their championships.


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