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In fact, you might be the pair camped outside the Apple store, entertaining the crowds with a magic show or a mobile coffee cart.

Trouble begins in an air-sign love match when there’s TOO much change.

What attracts them to each other is a twinkle in the eye, passionately expressed perspectives and original style.

More than most signs, Aquarians relate beyond outer packages and social groupings, like skin color, age or religious background.

Can Aquarius men and Aquarius women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually?

The Aquarius Man Aquarius Woman soulmates are perfect for each other.

Where you clash: While you romance each other intellectually, neither of you knows quite what to do with those funny things called feelings.

Book that couple’s therapist session before the wedding day, as it’s going to take a third party to teach you how to navigate the emotional realm.

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They make a friendly association and respect each other’s independence a lot except that their relationship lacks warmth as both are detached in their attitude.Both the Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman will be thinking the same things at the meeting and will most likely start off in conversation right as soon as the meeting is over.They will both want to volunteer for the organization but will first take a moment to talk about all the aspects of the group before making a final decision.In an Aquarius-Aquarius relationship, their ability to invent new ideas is limitless.Their love compatibility is absolutely out of this world.The favorite pastime of an Aquarius man is delving into ones inner most being to find out what is in there that he may learn about that person.


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