Alex pettyfer and dianna agron dating dating sites to find military men

Two months later, while covering a shitty and misogynistic interview Pettyfer did in the magazine ‘s Ted Casablanca and Ivana Dukanovic wrote “Whoa. We sure hear you do…Maybe you should consider fleeing the planet, Pettyfer.

If not, you could always stay and remake with Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.” Harsh words for a young star with an obvious temper problem.

Quite the 180 for a site that led the charge in vilifying him – and rightly so.

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According to sources, Dianna has been living in secret for the past two weeks after having moved out of the house she shared with Alex.

"It seemed like Chris was more smitten than Dianna," the source says.

When you think of Dianna Agron’s dating history, it’s natural for you to get hung-up over her past relationship with Alex Pettyfer — they were adorbs together!

The photographs, taken by Tyler Shields, shows him posing with models Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin.

The actress was not pleased with the spread, according to America's TMZ, despite the fact it was taken before they started dating.


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